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Various meeting locations. Check the schedule for each event.

Location Activities Address and notes
Sandy Hill Community Centre [SHCC] (map) canoeing, hiking, bicycling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing 250 Somerset Street East, between Sweetland Avenue and Nelson Street. The actual meeting spot is around the back, off of Sweetland Avenue. This is not the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre, which is elsewhere.
Supreme Court (map) walking 301 Wellington Street. We meet by the road on the west side in front of the building, where there is free parking available in the evening.
Dow's Lake Pavilion (map) walking 1001 Queen Elizabeth Drive. Free parking is available after 6:00 p.m. on Adeline Street and Norfolk Avenue (map), northeast of Carling Avenue and Preston Street.
We go swimming! When the weather's warm and we're hiking or canoeing, plan that we'll spend some time in or by the water. If you like to be in the water, please prepare accordingly!
We're outdoors doing something nearly every weekend. New activities are constantly added. Check back every few days to see what's new!
Bicycle trips occur where noted. Skating and evening walks are in Ottawa. Other outings are in Gatineau Park unless otherwise noted.

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