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COVID-19 - May 22

While we have no physical activities scheduled, virtual activities via videoconferencing are planned. Details are in the schedule entries.

We do not plan to add physical activities until sometime after the appropriate authorities have lifted restrictions regarding physical distancing.

As of May 22, most parking lots on the NCC's urban lands, in the Greenbelt, and in Gatineau Park are open.

Information about COVID-19 is available from Ottawa Public Health, Public Health Ontario, Quebec health information, and the Government of Canada.

Answers to Frequently (or Occasionally)-Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Check the general requirements by selecting the link for the Activity that you choose, e.g., hiking.
  • Meet at the specified time and location shown in the schedule. We usually meet at one of these times and locations.
  • We organize carpooling when we meet; no prior arrangements are required. A suggested amount for each passenger to reimburse their driver is provided for most day and evening outings.
  • Questions? Contact the trip leader. Unless you have specific questions or unless there is a specific request for an RSVP, you do not need to contact the leader beforehand.
  • Lyme disease is prevalent in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.
  • Completion times
  • Fees for members and non-members (not all apply to each activity or person): carpooling, equipment rental, non-member activity fees. Please bring cash.
  • Bring
    • snacks, plenty of water, and your meal with you. When the activity runs through mealtime (usually lunch), we take a break for the meal.
    • appropriate clothing and other gear:
      • most times, layers are best
      • when the weather's warm, plan for spending time in the water (such as swimming) or relaxing on the shore during (and sometimes after) hiking or canoeing, whether it's stated or not
      • if the forecast calls for rain, rain gear appropriate for the forecast conditions
    • a backpack
    • at night, a headlamp or flashlight
  • Specific activities
    • Bicycling
      • You must wear a bicycle helmet when bicycling with us.
    • Hiking
      • We strongly recommend wearing hiking boots, hiking shoes, or running shoes.
      • See the information regarding Lyme disease above.
    • Cross-country skiing
      • Gatineau Park trail conditions: map - trail list
      • Gatineau Park trail usage requires a day or season pass (info). Day passes are available at the trailhead; exact cash required.
    • Snowshoeing
      • Gatineau Park trail conditions: map - trail list
      • Gatineau Park trail usage requires a day or season pass (info). Day passes are available at the trailhead; exact cash required.
      • The Club has snowshoes available for rent (fee).
      • Depending on trail (snow) conditions, many outings designated "Snowshoeing" are easier to do without snowshoes
    • Skating
    • Canoeing
      • The Club has canoes and related equipment for rent (fees), including personal flotation devices (PFDs); you do not need your own.
      • For many canoe outings, you do not need to have prior canoeing experience. Please contact the leader beforehand if this would be your first time in or paddling a canoe.
      • You must wear a life jacket or PFD at all times while in the canoe when canoeing with us. You will not be permitted to participate if you do not wear one.

Trip leaders: information, including sign-up forms containing instructions, is here.

Various meeting locations. Check the schedule for each event.
Location Activities Address and notes
Sandy Hill Community Centre [SHCC] (map) canoeing, hiking, bicycling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing 250 Somerset Street East, between Sweetland Avenue and Nelson Street. The actual meeting spot is around the back by the Centre's parking lot, off of Sweetland Avenue.

You can park in the parking lot for free when attending activities at the Centre and temporarily when we are gathering for an outing, but you are at risk of being ticketed if you leave your vehicle there while we are away on an outing. People usually manage to find parking on the nearby streets; ensure that you check the parking duration on the signs.

(This is not the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre, which is elsewhere.)
Supreme Court (map) walking 301 Wellington Street. We meet by the road on the west side in front of the building, where there is free parking available in the evening.
Dow's Lake Pavilion (map) walking 1001 Queen Elizabeth Drive. Free parking is available after 6:00 p.m. on Adeline Street and Norfolk Avenue (map), northeast of Carling Avenue and Preston Street.
We're outdoors doing something nearly every weekend. New activities are constantly added. Check back every few days to see what's new!
Bicycle trips occur where noted. Skating and evening walks are in Ottawa. Other outings are in Gatineau Park unless otherwise noted.
We stop for lunch somewhere along the route for day outings. Bring your own lunch, and bring water. We very occasionally stop at a restaurant; however, a restaurant stop will be explicitly stated in the outing description.
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