Ottawa Outdoor Club


The Ottawa Outdoor Club is run by volunteers, members who generously donate their time to help run every aspect of the Club. Volunteers do everything: they liaise with the regional network of outdoor associations, they do the behind-the-scenes administrative work (yes, we have that, too!), and they organize and lead outings.

The most important role a member can play is to volunteer to lead one of our outdoor activities. We operate year-round. Our ambitious schedule contains about 125 to 150 activities per year, every year. Without leaders to lead the activities, the Club would soon fold.

Every leader is someone like you: an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys partaking in an activity with others. Leaders are our lifeblood, and we thrive as long as their ranks are replenished regularly with new volunteers.

What do you need to be a leader? Enthusiasm! We'll do the rest. Our activity coordinators can suggest routes and destinations, instruct you in registering participants, and even literally walk you through the entire process as part of our ongoing leader mentor program.

After coming on a few of our outings, please think about leading one in the future. Leading just one activity a year goes a long way toward making the Ottawa Outdoor Club vibrant and unique among its counterparts.

To lead, contact the appropriate coordinator with any questions you might have; we'll go from there!