Ottawa Outdoor Club

Trip Info - Registration by and Responsibilities of Participants

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Day and evening trips

Meet at the time and location described at the top of the schedule. For all outings, please bring a meal (unless otherwise stated, such as when we have potluck outings), water, rain gear, and sun-block.

Activity-specific information is as follows:

  • For cross-country skiing and snow shoeing, trips are generally in Gatineau Park. A ski pass, which can be purchased at the trail head, is required for daytime ski trips in the park.
  • For snow shoeing, some equipment is available from the Club for rent. Trips are generally in Gatineau Park.
  • For cycling, a spare inner tube, helmet, and a bike are required.  Swimming will be part of some bicycle trips, although not necessarily listed, so if it's warm, you may want to come prepared to go swimming.
  • For hiking, sturdy walking shoes or boots, a backpack, sun hat, and long sleeved shirts and pants in your pack or on you are recommended. When the weather is warm, we have a swimming stop on almost every hike.  The swim usually won't be listed in the hike description, but it will be part of the hike.  If you would like to swim, please come prepared accordingly.
  • For canoeing, canoes, tie-down equipment, paddles, and life jackets are available. You may bring your own if you have them. With water being right there, swimming is always an option.
  • For skating, bring your skates. Skating is generally on the Rideau Canal.

Some activities have per-event fees. Each activity may have specific requirements, so please refer to the detailed descriptions for each activity.

Multi-day trips

Registration is done by contacting the trip leader and is on a first-come, first-serve basis until either the outing is filled, the deadline in the schedule is reached, or the deadline of the weekend preceding the planning meeting is reached. The purpose of the meeting is to inform participants of the details about the trip, arrange food, and arrange transportation. Participants must attend the planning meeting or make other arrangements that are suitable to the trip leader. The meetings are usually held at 7:30 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to the trip. Non-refundable deposits of $50.00 are usually required for multi-day trips. Some trips may require higher or lower deposits.

Participant's Responsibilities

You are expected to

  • choose a trip suited to your physical capabilities and skill level
  • tell the leader before the start of the trip about any health problems and any existing or potential problems with your equipment
  • respect the judgment of the leader and the fact that you are part of a group
  • respect all financial arrangements

Parents and guardians are responsible for supervising their own children. The leader has the right to exclude specific participants for safety reasons.