Ottawa Outdoor Club

For the Leader: Post-trip Responsibilities

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After the trip is over, the leader shall

  • finalize the sign-up sheet (please see below)
  • send a copy of the sign-up sheet(s) to the Club
  • send payment of the collected non-member fees and equipment rentals to the Treasurer
  • ensure that all OOC equipment borrowed for the trip has been returned

The sign-up sheet(s) may be either

  • emailed to "signupform(at)" and the appropriate coordinator (this is the preferred method).  The email addresses of the coordinators are on our contact page.
  • snail-mailed to the OOC Treasurer at the Club's postal address (COVID-19 restriction)

To email the sign-up form, first scan it (preferred) or photograph it.  Please scan / photograph all sides and all copies, and please verify that each image is readable.  High resolution is strongly preferred.

To pay, calculate the full amount of non-member activity fees and equipment rental fees collected and either

  • pay by Interac email transfer
    • please use your bank's website to send the Interac etransfer amount to payactivityfees(at)
    • there is no security question; the payment will be deposited automatically
  • pay via PayPal
    • detailed instructions for PayPal payment are provided here
  • pay by cheque (only if necessary - electronic payment is strongly preferred)
    • write a cheque to “OOC” for the amount that you collected
    • write the date and activity type (e.g., hike) on the Memo line of the cheque
    • snail-mail it to the OOC Treasurer at the Club's postal address

For all trips, when any equipment has been borrowed from the Club, the leader shall ensure that it has been returned and that it is in good condition.  For multi-day trips, the leader shall sign-in borrowed equipment that has been returned.  All leaders must report to the Equipment Coordinator (or designated substitute) any damage to or loss of equipment.  Except for equipment related to canoeing, please ensure that the equipment is clean and dry before storing it.

Finalize sign-up sheet after outing

Due to the pandemic, we now require pre-registration, and we do not use sign-up sheets. Please email all of the information to signupform(at)  Please include the amount that you collected in non-member activity fees and equipment rentals.

(Below:  COVID-19 restriction)

Before sending in the sign-up sheet, please

  • note the carpool fee in the upper right corner on the first page
  • the date, activity & level, destination & driving distance, and outing distance
  • the $ value collected for each person in the Member? and $ Eqpt Rental columns.  Many times, a participant will have checked the field or written a Y or N in the field.  Just write the amount elsewhere in the field, e.g. $10.  Please circle these amounts.
  • the totals: TOTAL expected (this side only) for the Member? and $ Eqpt Rental columns on both sides of the paper (the back only needs to be filled in if the back is used).  Fill in the total for that side only.  Please circle these amounts.
  • << Adjustment if collected $ over or under expected:  sometimes, for whatever reason, the amount collected doesn't match what is expected.  For instance, maybe $22 was collected when it should have been $23 ($10 + $10 + $3).  Put the difference here.  For this example, the difference is -1