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Trip Info - Fees for Participants

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The Club and Gatineau Park have a variety of fees related to the Club's activities:

  • Club membership fees
  • Club activity fees (usually just for non-members)
  • Club equipment rental fees
  • carpooling transportation (for all)
  • Gatineau Park fees for summer parking and winter trail use (for all)

Membership fees

The annual membership fees and related information are available here. Club activity fees can be applied fully to a Club membership when you join within a week of the activity.

Activity fees

  Single-day Multi-day (flat fee)
Club member $0 $0
Non-member $10 $20

Equipment rental fees

Equipment Single-day Multi-day (flat fee)
Snowshoes $3 (Note 1) $3 (Note 1)
Canoes and accessories (Note 2) $10 (Note 3) $20


  1. The rental fee for snowshoe single-day outings and the entirety of multi-day outings is the same.
  2. Rental fees are per canoe.  Accessories include PFDs, paddles, bailers, throw ropes, flash lights, and car mounting equipment.
  3. Single-day canoe rental fees apply to daytime outings (usually Sundays).  They do not apply to evening outings (usually Wednesdays).
  4. All fees apply to all participants who are using OOC equipment.
  5. Club equipment may only be used as part of Club activities.

Transportation (car-pooling)

All distances are based on the car starting from and returning to the Sandy Hill Community Centre at 250 Somerset Street East, Ottawa.  The amounts provided are suggested amounts to be given by the passenger(s) to the driver to help cover their vehicle expenses.

Vehicle does not carry a canoe or other watercraft for a Club outing (4 people in the vehicle)

Destination Round trip Amount per person
Gatineau Park    
  P1 - Asticou 18 km $1
  P2 - Relais plein air 26 km $2
  P3 - Gamelin 18 km $1
  P5 - Penguin 36 km $3
  P6 - Mackenzie King Estate - winter entrance 40 km $3
  P6 - Mackenzie King Estate - non-winter entrance 48 km $4
  P7 - Kingsmere 38 km $3
  P8 - Chelsea 35 km $3
  P9 - Dunlop 39 km $3
  P10 - Fortune 40 km $3
  P11 - O'Brien 42 km $3
  P12 - Meech 48 km $4
  P13 - Blanchet 51 km $4
  P15 - Cross Loop Road 58 km $5
  P16 - Pine Road 54 km $4
  P17 - Wakefield 67 km $6
  P19 - Philippe 87 km $7
  Camp Fortune parking lot 44 km $4
  Pink Lake parking lot via Old Chelsea 45 km $4
  Breton Beach, Lac Philippe (north end) 90 km $7
  Parent Beach, Lac Philippe (middle) 92 km $8
  Luskville Falls 73 km $6
  Lac Ramsay (via 148; via 5 & 366 is 108 km & same time) 92 km $8
NCC Greenbelt    
  P2 - Shirley's Bay 40 km $3
  P3 - Corkstown Road 41 km $3
  P4 - Timm Drive 43 km $4
  P5 - Eagleson Road at Robertson Road (Old Quarry Trail) 48 km $4
  P6 - Old Richmond Road 46 km $4
  P7 - Old Richmond Road (Sarsaparilla Trail) 45 km $4
  P11 - West Hunt Club Road (Stony Swamp Trail) 40 km $3
  P12 - Cedarview Road (Bruce Pit) 35 km $3
  P18 - Davidson Road near Hawthorne Road (Pine Grove Trail), via 417 36 km $3
  P21 - Ridge Road at Anderson Road (Mer Bleue Bog) 31 km $3
  P22 - Ridge Road - end of road (Mer Bleue Bog) 37 km $3
Other destinations    
  Canadian War Museum 9 km $1
  Champlain Bridge, Ottawa side, via Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway 15 km $1
  Richcraft Recreation Complex:  parking for South March Highlands Trail Network & Monk Environmental Park 52 km $4
  Mont Cascades 57 km $5
  100 km radius 100 km $8
  Larose Forest, north of Casselman 109 km $9
  Skating Through the Forest - Lac des Loups 117 km $10
  West Carleton Nordic Ski Club, Fitzroy Provincial Park 121 km $10
  Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, Mississippi Mills 122 km $10
  $0.33/km per vehicle.  Total divided among all in vehicle, including driver

Vehicle carries a canoe or other watercraft for a Club outing some of the distance (3 people in the vehicle)

Destination Round trip (no canoe + canoe) Amount per person
Gatineau Park    
  P12 - Meech 27 + 28 km $7
  Parent Beach & boat launch, Lac Philippe 27 + 73 km $12
  Lac la Pêche 27 + 95 km $15
Gatineau River    
  Farm Point 27 + 42 km $8
  Paugan Reservoir, Low, QC 27 + 100 km $16
Other destinations  
     $0.33/km per vehicle total—no canoe or other watercraft on car
+ $0.39/km per vehicle total—canoe or other watercraft on car
Total divided among all in vehicle, including driver


  • Pre-set rates for canoeing assume that the canoes are picked up at the Club's canoe-storage location after starting from the Club's regular meeting location.
  • As defined in the bylaws, carpool rates are a fixed percentage of the Government of Canada reimbursement rates for Ontario.
  • This Excel spreadsheet Icon representing Excel document is used to calculate the rates.  There is one tab for each time the rates are set (usually annually).

Gatineau Park fees

During the summer, the beach-access and Mackenzie King Estate parking lots in Gatineau Park have parking fees.  These shall be split evenly among all in the car. Gatineau Park vehicle-access fees are generally charged during the summertime for beach-access parking lots and Mackenzie King Estate.

During the winter, there are per-person day or season fees for the cross-country ski trails and most snowshoe trails.