Ottawa Outdoor Club

Leadership Workshop

Note:  this course was offered in the past in the following format.  We are in the process of re-evaluating what should be presented and how we present it.

1.0 Background

This practical weekend workshop is offered to club members who would like to volunteer to lead trips for the club. New and emerging leaders benefit most from the workshop by receiving a quick start on how to successfully meet a leader's responsibilities, while more experienced leaders are able to add to their knowledge. Participants will benefit from this workshop by:

  • learn cohesive and effective trip leading skills
  • discover how every group member can be a leader
  • learn how to successfully survive a crisis
  • acquire the confidence to plan for complete success
  • understand the personal dynamics of your outdoor groups
  • practice your newly acquired skills in a variety of situations

The club pays for the accommodations. Transportation and food are the responsibility of the participants. Note that there will be a deposit, which will be refunded during the weekend workshop.

This workshop was developed by John Galbraith and Walter Brown with assistance from the Canadian Hosteling Association and Fitness and Amateur Sports Canada.

2.0 Workshop Outline

This workshop emphasizes group participation and is limited to 10 people. The weekend is a fun dynamic interactive experience and includes case studies, structured group exercises, and short lectures. Participants are active in both leadership and group member roles, in a variety of challenging situations.

2.1 Learn Quick Decision Skills

  • learn to anticipate and solve crises early
  • discover how to use all resources effectively
  • learn how to react effectively in a disaster

2.2 Understand Group Behaviour

  • discover how to hold a group together
  • understand the key personal and situational forces
  • learn how to breach a deadlock

2.3 Experience Team Building

  • benefit from practising the leadership role
  • learn how to lead as a group member
  • discover hidden problems

2.4 Understand Personal Reactions

  • discover how others perceive you
  • understand your reactions to others

3.0 Workshop Weekend Program

3.1 Planning Meeting (Tuesday before the workshop, 7:30 p.m.)

  • discuss workshop outline
  • collect deposits ($30 each)
  • plan food and transportation
  • handout some course material to read (Mount Hood Case Study)
  • short written assignment (15 minutes)

3.2 Workshop Weekend

  • Friday Evening (cabin)
    • orientation
    • social
  • Saturday Morning (cabin)
    • 09:00, Risk Assessment - Mount Hood Case Study
    • 10:30, Problem Solving for Trips - Examples from the participants
    • 11:00, Map and Compass Skills
  • Saturday Afternoon (outdoors)
    • 13:00, Orienteering Hike
    • needs of groups
    • group dynamics
    • designated leader experience
    • survival problem
  • Saturday Evening (cabin)
    • games
    • social
  • Sunday Morning (cabin)
    • 9:00, group assessment and leadership styles
    • 10:00, Club Trip Administration
    • 11:00, planning meeting for afternoon hike
  • Sunday Noon/Early Afternoon (outdoors)
    • hiking trip
    • lunch on the trail
  • Sunday Late Afternoon (cabin)
    • 15:00, cleanup
    • leave for home

4.0 Workshop Materials Provided by the Club

  • case study
  • supplementary reading and information
  • problem description sheet
  • Club Trip Planning Manual
  • Club trip signup forms
  • club application form

5.0 What Participants are Required to Bring

  • clothes for pleasant, cold, and rainy weather
  • sleeping bag and extra blankets if required (a tent is optional if you prefer the "real outdoors" to the comforts of the cabin)
  • well-worn and sturdy hiking boots
  • compass
  • backpack and survival gear (note: the survival gear is just for a practice demonstration, unless we actually get lost!)
  • note paper and pen or pencil
  • musical instruments (guitar, harmonica, recorder, flute, bagpipes...)
  • sun tan lotion (if the weather forecast is good!)
  • extra parka and toque (if the weather forecast is not so good!)

6.0 After the Workshop

Following the workshop, participants are expected to lead or co-lead a weekend or day trip. A pot-luck BBQ will be arranged once everyone has had the opportunity to lead a trip. At this time there will be the opportunity to evaluate the course, suggest improvements, and socialize.