Ottawa Outdoor Club

Membership Information

Membership Benefits

Members of the Club receive the following benefits:

  • when demand warrants and resources are available
    • free or subsidized introductory courses in various activities
    • subsidized courses in leadership training and wilderness first aid
  • notification of Club social events throughout the year, including parties, movie outings, and other events
  • when you present your current Club card at the following stores, you will receive the indicated discount:
    • Fresh Air Experience:  10% off all regularly-priced ski equipment and clothing. 10% off all regularly-priced bicycle clothing and accessories.
    • Mountain Warehouse:  10% off of your entire purchase.  Valid at all Ontario outlets
    • Trailhead:  10% off of all regularly-priced items
    • Bushtukah 10% off of all regularly-priced items
    • Kunstadt Sports 12% off of all regularly-priced items

2019 Membership Registration

To join the Ottawa Outdoor Club, please fill in the membership registration form and submit your payment.  For 2019, the membership fee is $45.  Your membership will be good until the end of 2019.

If you participated in one or more of our activities as a non-member during the past week and paid the trip leader(s) the non-member activity fee for each of these outings, you can apply the amount that you paid to your membership fee; there's a spot on the form for this.  You'll need to provide the date and location of each outing claimed.  Further instructions are provided on the membership registration page.