Ottawa Outdoor Club

Amendment 7: Submit incident report when injury requiring medical attention occurs


Lisa Weinberger


Require the trip leader to complete a written report when a trip participant sustains an injury.


For transparency, accountability and to enable risk mitigation for future trips, activities during which injuries are sustained should be documented in writing.

Proposed changes

Bylaws, Article 6, Section 6 – Incident Reports

Current wording

[This proposed section is new and does not exist.]

Proposed addition

  1. A written report of any incident resulting in a trip participant sustaining an injury that requires medical attention or could reasonably be expected to require medical attention is to be completed by the trip leader.  The report shall be completed for each trip participant sustaining such an injury during the trip. The report shall be completed on the last day of the trip or as soon as possible thereafter.  Should the trip leader not submit such a report within one week of the trip when the injury occurred, a report may be written by another participant of the trip during which the injury occurred.
  2. The report shall be submitted to the activity co-ordinator and the Secretary. The report shall be distributed by the Secretary to all members of the OOC executive.
  3. The report shall be made available to the membership. For confidentiality, participants may choose to have their name omitted from the version of the report made available to the membership.

Additional information

There are multiple proposed amendments to Article 6, some of which create new sections such as this amendment.  Since it is possible that not all amendment proposals will be accepted, the sections proposed for Article 6 shall be numbered in sequence following the existing numbering and in the order of the amendments.

Each of the three amendments (a), (b), and (c) shall be voted upon in sequence.  If (a) does not pass, (b) and (c) have no meaning, and there shall be no vote on them.