Ottawa Outdoor Club

Amendment 6: Treasurer responsible for collecting sign-up sheets


Bonnie Lalonde


Add as one of the Treasurer's area of responsibility that the Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting sign-up sheets.


For years, participants in our activities have been required to sign the activity's sign-up sheet before starting the activity.  The Treasurer and the Membership Secretary use the information on it for different reasons.  The Treasurer is responsible for collecting the activity and rental fees related to the trip; these are document on the sheet.  The Membership Secretary uses the information to verify when new members state that they participated in a past activity when reducing their membership fee.  Because the Treasurer is ultimately responsible for the money, it is appropriate to add it to the responsibilities of the Treasurer.

Proposed changes

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Bylaws, Article 3, Section 5 - Treasurer

Current wording

[This proposed subsection is new and does not exist.]

Proposed addition

(h) The Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting all sign-up sheets.

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