Ottawa Outdoor Club

Amendment 5: Activity leader must comply with Club's policies and procedures


Bonnie Lalonde


Anyone leading a Club activity must comply with the Club's policies and procedures.


We currently expect leaders to follow the Club's policies and procedures while leading a single-day or multi-day trip.  This proposed amendment indicates that this will be a requirement.

Proposed changes

Proposed additions to the text are italicized and in green.  Proposed removals from the text are crossed out and in red.

Bylaws, Article 6, Section 1 - Conduct of Trips

Current wording

[This proposed subsection is new and does not exist.]

Proposed addition

The trip or activity leader shall comply with the Club's policies and procedures for leading an activity or trip.

Additional information

There are multiple proposed amendments to Article 6, Section 1, some of which create new subsections such as this amendment.  Since it is possible that not all amendment proposals will be accepted, the subsections proposed  for Article 6, Section 1, shall be lettered in sequence following the existing lettering and in the order of the amendments.