Ottawa Outdoor Club

Amendment 3: A person who leads 3+ trips of 4+ people receives free membership following year


Xuan Qi


A person who leads 3 or more club trips, each of which has 4 or more participants, will receive a free membership for the next year.


it is challenging to attract volunteer trip leaders.  For an activity program, e.g., skiing or hiking, to succeed, it is essential to have about 8-10 active trip leaders.  This proposal may cost the Club about $300 per year in reduced membership fees from leaders, which may well be worth it, since, at the extreme, if there are no trip leaders, there are no activities, and eventually no members.  In addition, having more leaders who are more committed might help attract members, which would offset the loss of membership fees from the leaders.

Proposed changes

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Bylaws, Article 6, Section 1 - Conduct of Trips

Current wording

[This proposed subsection is new and does not exist.]

Proposed addition

A person who leads three or more Club trips during the Club's membership year, each trip of which has four or more participants (including the leader), shall receive a free membership for the next year.

Additional information

There are multiple proposed amendments to Article 6, Section 1, some of which create new subsections such as this amendment.  Since it is possible that not all amendment proposals will be accepted, the subsections proposed  for Article 6, Section 1, shall be lettered in sequence following the existing lettering and in the order of the amendments.