Ottawa Outdoor Club

Agenda - 2018 AGM

Ottawa Outdoor Club
Tuesday,  23 October 2018 - 6:30 - 9:00 PM
Games Room, Sandy Hill Community Centre, 250 Somerset Street East, Ottawa

  1. Call meeting to order (Rob Burnfield, President)
  2. Quorum verification (Jenn Dorr, Secretary)
  3. Approval of agenda (Rob Burnfield, President)
  4. Approval of minutes of 2017 AGM (Rob Burnfield) [D]
  5. President’s report (Rob Burnfield) [D]
  6. Co-ordinators’ reports
    • Canoeing (Mike McCurrie) [D]
    • Cycling (Rob Burnfield, acting) [D]
    • Hiking (Robert Bultitude) [D]
    • Skiing (Rob Burnfield, on behalf of the Co-ordinator) [D]
    • Snowshoeing (Lana Doss) [D]
    • Social activities (no report)
  7. Equipment Officer's report (Judy Smith) [D]
  8. Membership Secretary’s report (Rob Burnfield, on behalf of the Membership Secretary) [D]
  9. Webmaster’s report (Rob Burnfield) [D]
  10. Training report (Lana Doss) [D]
  11. Amendments to the OOC Constitution and Bylaws (John Galbraith) [D]
  12. Financial statement (Rob Burnfield) [D]
  13. Presentation of and vote on 2018-2019 budget (Rob Burnfield) [D]
  14. Presentation and vote on membership fee and non-member activity fees (Bylaws Article 1, Section 2 (a)) (Rob Burnfield)
  15. Presentation of carpooling fees (Bylaws Article 6, Section 3)
  16. Election of OOC executive
  17. Other items
  18. End of meeting

[D] indicates that a related document is available