Ottawa Outdoor Club

Activity Report: Social Co-ordinator, Anna Gopenko - 2017 AGM

This year we had a great many events: a Ten-pin Bowling Night organized by Tony Wellman, a Movie and a Restaurant night in May, a Social Hike with Potluck Lunch, and a Social Visit to the Mackenzie King Estate Flower show in June.  We also had a new volunteer, Wahid, who organized a Badminton outing and a BBQ & Beach Volleyball outing, the latter which, unfortunately, was cancelled due to absence of RSVP. Rabab Gomaa took us out to an Egyptian restaurant for breakfast one sunny Saturday morning.

The issue of low attendance was raised at the July Executive meeting. It was suggested that the social events be treated as promotional activities for the club’s new-members' recruitment. A decision was taken to advertise the club’s social events through the web-site and social media (FB).  By executive resolution, a temporary amendment was added to the bylaws to permit the club’s social events to be advertised publicly; this amendment will be presented at the AGM for permanent ratification or rejection.