Ottawa Outdoor Club

Activity Report: Snowshoeing Co-ordinator, Lana Doss - 2017 AGM


I took over for Mike Brown as snowshoe coordinator early this year.

The 2016-2017 snowshoe season got off to an early start with the first one being Nov. 26, exactly a month earlier than last year.  We had a huge range of extreme weather from ice storms to -40 degree temperatures to significant rain.

We had 14 single-day events, including 2 Full-Moon outings, both of which were well attended. Of these 14, John Galbraith organized a “skate through the forest” outing with optional snowshoe in Lac-des-Loups, which also had good attendance. In addition, there were 2 weekend events. Xuan Qi organized a XC ski trip in the Laurentians with self-organized snowshoe and Mike McCurrie organized a trip to Algonquin Eco-Lodge.

There was an event planned for every weekend except one from the beginning of Jan until the 1st week of April, with 2 cancelled due to heavy rain and extreme cold.

I have a few people to thank for their contributions toward the program this past year. First, Mike Brown for his time and patience in helping me learn about the winter trails and the role I stepped into. Both he & John Galbraith lead the most snowshoe outings last year. I’d like to thank John for all his time and support as well, from housing snowshoes to leading snow hikes to tons and tons of valuable “solicited” opinions.

Including Mike and John we had a total of 11 people step forward to lead outings. Some of them were very last minute, for some of them it was their first leading experience with the club, so we are very grateful for everyone’s support in this winter program. I would like to take a minute here to thank them: Mike McCurrie, Stephanie Rattledale, Jim Burgess, Eddie Drueding, Jean Francois Lauzon, Richard Fernandez and Ronalee Carey.

This coming winter the intention is to have a planned outing for at least every Saturday, a few intro-to-snowshoeing sessions, as well as 2 weekend trips. Having a good number of leaders available to support the program will be key to a successful season.

Lana Doss                                        
Snowshoe Coordinator