Ottawa Outdoor Club

Activity Report: Acting Skiing Co-ordinator, Rob Burnfield - 2017 AGM

For the ten Sundays from December 11 to February 26 for which we considered planning trips (Christmas Day and New Year's Day were skipped), outings were planned for nine of the Sundays (with one of those Sundays having two outings planned), along with one outing planned for a Sunday in mid-March.  However, weather conditions generally did not favour skiers this past year.  The leaders chose to cancel five of the planned outings ranging over four Sundays due to poor conditions.

The skiers joined the snowshoers for two Saturday-evening outings to Herridge Shelter in Gatineau Park, where all shared in our usual potluck feast.

For the second year in a row, Xuan Qi led a weekend trip to Val David in the Laurentians, where they again stayed at the Auberge du Vieux Foyer.

We were without a ski coordinator for most of last winter, so there was less active outreach to find individuals to lead cross-country ski outings.  I reached out to some people, but to fewer than someone who would be focused on the role.

I would like to thank all those who volunteered to lead outings.  As a result, we had outings planned for most Sundays and, given the weather conditions, had a reasonably successful cross-country ski program.