Ottawa Outdoor Club

Agenda - 2017 AGM

Ottawa Outdoor Club
Thursday, 9 November 2017
7:00 - 9:30 PM

  1. Quorum verification (Tracey Vansickle)
  2. Approval of agenda (Rob Burnfield)
  3. Approval of minutes of 2016 AGM (Tracey Vansickle) [D]
  4. President’s report (Rob Burnfield) [D]
  5. Coordinators’ reports
    • Canoeing (Mike McCurrie) [D]
    • Cycling (Anna Gopenko) [D]
    • Hiking (Eddie Drueding) [D]
    • Skiing (Rob Burnfield) [D]
    • Snowshoeing (Lana Doss) [D], inventory [D]
    • Social (Anna Gopenko) [D]
  6. Equipment officer's report (none)
  7. Membership Secretary’s report (Marion Perry) [D]
  8. Webmaster’s report (Rob Burnfield) [D]
  9. Training report (Lana Doss) [D]
  10. Financial statement (Jane Jiang) [D]
  11. Presentation of and vote on 2017-2018 budget (Rob Burnfield) [D]
  12. Presentation and vote on membership fee and non-member activity fees (Bylaws Article 1, Section 2 (a)) (Rob Burnfield) [D]
  13. Election of OOC executive (John Galbraith)
  14. Amendments to the OOC Constitution and Bylaws (Rob Burnfield) [D]
  15. Other items
  16. End of meeting

[D] indicates that a related document is available.