Ottawa Outdoor Club

Activity Report: Social Co-ordinator, Anna Gopenko - 2013 AGM

This year I still tried to figure out the reason for low attendance and lack of interest for social activities. I came up with a few ideas:

  1. Activities likes dances (with the exception of social dances, like the traditional Irish dance) are not popular.
  2. Belly dancing, karaoke bar, softball, piano bar are not interesting enough.
  3. Movies are only interesting in conjunction with a restaurant, but the event was a big success.

Therefore, the decision was taken to continue with the last activity, and also try out a social event that would involve people from other outdoor or sport clubs to spark the mingling fun and to add diversity to the human contingent. Instead of the ballroom and Latin dances I would like to try out a contra-dance in the next year.

I am very grateful to the OOC members who offered their ideas and made an effort to organize an event of their own, Theresa M., Tony W., Mary-Lynn S. and some others.