Ottawa Outdoor Club

Activity Report: Snowshoeing Co-ordinator, Mike Brown - 2013 AGM

The 2012-2013 snowshoe season got off to a start before there was even snow – on 15 December. By the next week there was almost too much, after the storm of 21 December.

While a welcome start to the season, this snowfall unfortunately caused the season long closure of major snowshoeing trails in Gatineau Park – including the Wolf Trail and shorter closures of other trails.

We were able to offer regular Saturday outings every weekend from mid-December to 23 March, with participation ranging from 3 to over 30 in several cases. As well, there were monthly “full moon” trips - usually in conjunction with skiers if snow conditions allowed – each month from December to March.

There were several special weekend trips as well – Val David and Harris Lodge Farm (again with the skiers) and the Algonquin Eco-Lodge just outside Maynooth. All events had a full complement of participants. It was our first trip to the Eco-lodge since it was taken over by new management and re-named, and there was a strong interest by participants in returning again next season. This area boasts good skiing and dog-sledding as well as snowshoeing.

I would like to thank all those who volunteered to lead a trip, with special thanks to those who organized a weekend trip. Without volunteers none of this would be possible.

I am looking forward to the up-coming season, and am willing to serve another year as coordinator.

OOC Snowshoe Inventory Oct 2013

We have eight pairs of snowshoes. Unfortunately, three are damaged to some extent

  1. OHOC A1 medium, blue Atlas brand with a soft vinyl bed, missing front toe crampons (both feet), fair condition, these ones are tied together with a cable tie and were not used in the 2013 season
  2. OHOC A2 like A1 above, but in good condition with crampons
  3. OHOC A3 like A2 above, but one foot has a broken crampon (broken in the 2013 season)
  4. OHOC A4 very large, blue Atlas brand with a soft vinyl bed, binding on one foot was broken this year (2013 season). The binding is not currently functional, but could potentially be replaced (?)
  5. Unlabeled Yura brand, large good condition, with a hard nylon bed
  6. Unlabeled Black Atlas “825” brand, medium/small in good condition with nylon bed
  7. OHOC C1 Snow Mountain – large in good condition, soft plastic bed, with a modernish binding
  8. OHOC C2 -same as C1 above, these two are the best of the lot

These snowshoes are currently in my (MHB) basement, and I am willing to keep them as long as I am snowshoe coordinator.