Ottawa Outdoor Club

Activity Report: Skiing Co-ordinator, Mary-Anne Olivares - 2013 AGM

The 2012/13 winter ski program had a slow start until it began with a bang on December 21 with a snowfall of 34 cm which kick-started the season.  Unfortunately, the large amount of heavy wet snow caused extensive damage to many trees and it took the better part of the ski season for Gatineau Park to clear the majority of trails of tree branches and debris.  Then, in mid January the winter thaw and rain set in resulting in cancellation of the regular day ski and the first introduction to ski offering on January 13.

There were a total of 18 day ski outings which included the second offering of Intro to Skiing on January 20, 4 combined moonlight snowshoe/ski pot lucks and 4 weekend trips:  Val David, Algonquin Park Winter Camping, Tremblant and Harris Farm.  All events were well attended.  There were a couple of unfortunate injuries which occurred during the season, however, assistance was provided and help sought for the injured.  Everyone survived!  Thank you to all those who assisted.

I wish to thank all those who volunteered to lead a ski outing last season, and a special thanks to those who lead the moonlight skiis:  Greg Griffiths and Hayley Price, and the weekend trips:  Xuan Qi, Helen Apouchtine and John Galbraith.

I look forward to the upcoming ski season.  Again, my goal is to provide two ski offerings every Sunday and will be counting on all the skiers in OOC to make the program a success!