Ottawa Outdoor Club

President's Report: Jim Fraser - 2013 AGM

I’d like to thank everyone for showing up for this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Ottawa Outdoor Club.  We have had a year full of activities, and are looking forward to another year of many trips for our regular outdoor and social activities.  I’d also like to thank the activity coordinators for organizing, and often leading, trips of many kinds to many places.  I’m sure that most if not all who participated in these trips enjoyed the activities, and the social aspects that go with doing things as a group.

If you are interested in what is involved in leading a trip, talk with some of the leaders, with one of the coordinators, or with anyone on the executive.  Certainly, we’ll be interested in having you as a leader; but we can also give some tips and insights on why people leader, and what leaders do.

We chose to provide more training for our trip leaders this past year (a Wilderness First Aid course), and are looking to do even more in the next year, as will be outlined in the Treasurer’s Report and the proposed budget for next year.

We looked at new ways to advertise the club, such as going to the Ottawa Ski and Snowboard Show last October, and are planning to do this again on October 26 and 27, plus have a booth at Mountain Equipment Coop’s Snowfest day on Saturday, November 23.  Both of these events will need volunteers to attend, to greet people who pass by our booth, and to provide information on the activities we offer throughout the year, not just in the winter.  We will also advertise our Winter Information Night in the local media.

We have printed up business cards with a quick list of our activities and our web site URL.  If you would like to hand out some of these, or post them on bulletin boards at work and in local shops, with the owners’ permission, please tell us.

I don’t want to steal any news from our coordinators, so I’ll let them each present their reports.  I’ll speak for some of the coordinators who are not here this evening.

Jim F.