Ottawa Outdoor Club

Activity Report: Canoeing Co-ordinator, Mark Glaisher - 2013 AGM

The canoe season got off to a slow start due to poor weather at the beginning of the year. Thunderstorms and high winds meant a number of trips were canceled for safety reasons.

 The activities on offer were also reduced due to your coordinator suffering a back injury which meant I was unable to lead trips this summer.

The canoe program continues to suffer from a lack of volunteer leaders. This year just one volunteer came forward to lead trips. A big thanks to Mike McCurrie for keeping the program going during my injury.

Changes to ownership of land on the Gatineau River, and availability of public boat launches in Wakefield, has made running early & late season evening canoe trips problematic. Most Wednesday outings were done on Meech Lake.

There were a total of 25 outings which included 4 weekend camping trips which enjoyed full attendance.

We also offered a canoe skills training day, which was unfortunately not of interest to the membership and was hence canceled.

I have decided to step down as coordinator because the lack of volunteers puts too much responsibility on the role to run all trips for the club. Without volunteer leaders there cannot be an effective canoe program.