Ottawa Outdoor Club

Minutes - 2006 AGM - Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Ottawa Hostel Outdoor Club

Executive Present

Thomas Geiger - President
Jo Buss - Secretary
Raynald Charest - Cycling Coordinator
Kexing Liu - Canoeing Coordinator
Caroline Robitaille - Snowshoeing Coordinator

Members Present

Total members present (Including 5 executive members) = 26

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 7:35 PM.

2005 AGM Minute Approval

Motion by Mark Hetherington, seconded by Lorraine England to accept the 2005 AGM Minutes. All in favour. Motion passed.


The President, Snowshoeing, Cycling and Canoeing Leaders were present to make reports.

Membership Report

230 members; no change in levels from previous year

Hiking Report

Tom Geiger advised that Mariann Forro, the hiking co-ordinator, had resigned but extended special thanks in her absence because she had been an excellent co-ordinator.

Skiing Report

Good ski season. Some weekend trips were cancelled due to bad weather.

Equipment Co-ordinator

Marie-Reine Fournier unable to attend meeting but submitted a report.

Cycling Report

Raynald Charest reported there were 21 day trips and 4 weekend trips; 5 cancellations due to weather. Weekend trips were very successful and daytrips much better than in 2005.

Snowshoeing Report

Caroline Robitaille reported it had been a very successful snowshoe season.

Canoeing Co-ordinator

Kexing reported a good canoe season with large turnouts and that the canoe clinic program (both Wednesday evenings and a one-day clinic) had been very successful. Barbara was an excellent trainer for the one-day clinic.

Treasurer's Report

Thomas Geiger advised that he had assumed responsibility as Treasurer one month ago because Christina Delguste was no longer able to continue in the position.

Thomas presented the 2006-2007 budget for approval. He recommended membership fees be reduced to $25/member in the new budget to avoid a surplus. Based on 230 members this would reduce 2007 revenues by $1150. Other expenses are not anticipated to increase in 2007. The constitution provides for $10,000 maximum to be held in the bank and current reserves are $11,800 so Club needs to either increase expenses or reduce revenues.

Motion by John Galbraith, seconded by Mark Hetherington, that membership fees remain at $30/member but miscellaneous expenditures be increased from $400 to $2400. 15 in favour, 3 against.

There was a general discussion regarding options and concerns with respect to budget surplus. Suggestions raised were:

  • Don't change membership fees but reduce non-member day fee
  • Increase the discretionary budget amounts that the new executive can spend
  • Do NOT increase permissible discretionary budget amounts; executive already can spend $1000 without going to membership
  • Reduce the difficulty level of activities to encourage a wider audience for club activities
  • Increase advertising
  • Have an option to purchase partial year memberships
  • Spend more money
  • Purchase a membership card laminator
  • Purchase a new Hotline answering machine

Motion by Kevin Woodley, seconded by Mark Hetherington, that day fees for non-members be reduced from $6 to $5. All in favour.

Motion by John Galbraith, seconded by Kexing Liu, to accept budget as amended. All in favour. The budget was accepted as amended.

Election of Officers

President - Kexing Liu. Acclaimed.

Vice-President - Mark Hetherington. Acclaimed.

Membership Secretary - Sherine El-Medani. Acclaimed.

Treasurer - Thomas Geiger. Acclaimed.

Secretary - Caroline Robitaille. Acclaimed.

Hiking Coordinator - Eddie Drueding. Acclaimed.

Skiing Coordinator - Sophie Gabard. Acclaimed.

Equipment Coordinator - Tim Crook. Acclaimed.

Cycling Coordinator - Raynald Charest. Acclaimed.

Canoe Coordinator - Position Vacant (there was a nomination but candidate declined)

Snowshoe Coordinator - Claire Dormann. Acclaimed.

New Business

Thomas advised that Treasury Board (TB) mileage rates had changed so new Exec would need to review the OHOC mileage rates which are linked to TB rates.

Thomas mentioned the equipment room doors had been left open on a few occasions in 2006. The Equipment Co-ordinator must ensure the doors are locked at the end of activities.

Non-Executive positions

Hotline Co-ordinator, Sandrine,and Steve Jackson, Website Co-ordinator, have agreed to continue with duties in 2007. Hilary Seddon is willing to take on duties as Social Co-ordinator duties. Paula Tozer, Hostel Cleanup Co-ordinator, wishes to relinquish this position. Duties include two times per year yard/garden cleanup at the Hostel. Let Thomas (or Kexing new president) know if interested.

Constitutional Amendments

There was a motion to amend OHOC By-law: Article 1, Section 2 - Membership Dues


(e) Members have the option of receiving notification of meetings and other mailings by letter mail or email.


(e) Members receive notification of meetings and other information by email. Only members in good standing as of October 1, 2006, who have chosen the mail option, may continue to receive notification of meetings and other information by regular mail (CANADA POST).

Rationale: We would like to reduce the work required to send these mailings out. A motion was made to amend the constitution to discontinue the option for mail-out of newsletters. The 10 existing members receiving mail-outs will be grandfathered as long as they wish to receive this service but it will not available to any new members.

Motion by Thomas Geiger, seconded by Mark Hetherington, to accept the above change to the constitution. All in favour. Passed.

Recognition Awards and Thank-you

Steve Jackson, Jim Burgess and Eddie Drueding were recognized as members who had contributed a great deal to the club.

Thomas Geiger thanked the outgoing executive and all other volunteers for their dedication to the club.

Door Prizes

Thomas Geiger was awarded with a 2007 OHOC membership.

Motion by Dave Houton to adjourn, seconded by Caroline Robitaille. Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.