Ottawa Outdoor Club

Minutes - 2004 AGM - Tuesday, 5 October 2004

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Tuesday, October 5, 2004
Ottawa Hostel Outdoor Club


Joan Ryan - President
Ken Zimmerman - Vice-President
Annette O'Young - Treasurer
Heather Macquarrie - Secretary
Kexing Liu - Canoeing Coordinator
Christopher Coupe - Skiing Coordinator
Danielle Bertrand - Snowshoe Coordinator
Sue Bayly - Equipment Coordinator
Steve Jackson - Webpage Consultant
Margot Gallant - Membership Secretary

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 7:12 PM.

Explanation of error in 2003 Account Balance Reports. (See attached Letter.)  [Not available]

Acceptance of 2003 AGM Minutes. Motioned by Tony Wellman, seconded by Danielle Bertrand. All in favour. Motion passed.


President's Report

In her report, Joan pointed out that it takes over 200 people to run a club, and this year there were over 200 separate incidents of people volunteering their time to get things done. Presidential "thank-yous" go out to the Hostel for taking all the queries and calls, for permitting our mailbox in the lobby and allowing us one common address, to all the leaders, to Steve Jackson for the website, Belinda Briones for the Hotline, Tony Wellman for the newsletter and advertising, Meg Carson for the info cards, hiking coord and certificates, Jim Burgess for hosting all the parties, John Galbraith, Jim Fraser, and Will Creelman for doing the leadership training.

Coordinators Reports

See the attached reports.  [Not available]


Annette presented 2004-2005 proposed budget for approval.

Note the budget is underspent $850 (lack of interest in leadership trg?) Discussion of $4 membership contribution to Hostel and value for money: storage for equipment, meeting space. There was discussion of return on investment re: info cards. The increased expense should be recouped in 2005-06 when we will not have to purchase more cards. This is a trial. The cards seem to go slowly now, this could be tracked better next year. Moved we adopt the budget as is, including fee increase. Rate hike next year considered unlikely, the variable is the insurance.

Motion by Jim Fraser to accept budget, seconded by Moira Duschesne. All in favour. Passed.

Election of Officers

President - Thomas Geiger. Joan Ryan motioned, seconded by Ken Zimmerman. Acclaimed.

Vice-President - Joan Ryan. Ken Zimmerman motioned, seconded Sue Bayly. Acclaimed.

Membership Secretary - Margot Gallant. Danielle Bertrand motioned, seconded Annette O'Young. Acclaimed.

Treasurer - Christina Delguste. Ken Zimmerman motioned, Kexing Liu seconded. Acclaimed.

Secretary - Position vacant.

Hiking Coordinator - Ken Zimmerman and Moira Duchesne. Danielle Bertrand motioned, seconded Margot Gallant.

Secretarial Note: As both cannot be members of the executive, it was thought one person could be the primary coordinator. This was put to vote. Ken Zimmerman is elected primary coord. John Galbraith motioned, seconded Chris Coupe. Acclaimed.

Skiing Coordinator - Chris Coupe. Shaelah Riddell motioned, seconded Joan Ryan. Acclaimed.

Equipment Coordinator - Sue Bayly. Moira Duschesne motioned, seconded Mark Hetherington. Acclaimed.

Cycling Coordinator - Raynald Charest. Joan Ryan motioned, seconded Kexing Liu. Acclaimed.

Snowshoe Coordinator - Position Vacant.

Non-Executive Members

Social Coordinator - Denise Cayer

Hostel Clean-Up Coord - Paula Tozier

Newsletter - Hard Copy Mail-Out - Shaelah Riddell

Newsletter Dist - Tony

Hotline - vacant

Secretary - vacant

? - Denis Garnier

Other Business

Constitutional Amendments

Amendment #1

There was discussion about the lack of drivers on short trips. There have been complaints about expenses charged for longer trips. The Assembly is asked to vote either for Option A or Option B. Option A acknowledges that the rate has been in effect since at least 1997 and proposes increases to the rate in line with cost increases over the last 4 years. Option B does not change the rate but allows for it to increase annually.

The vote on Option A is 18/26 in favour. Option A passed.

Amendments #2 - 9 were individually voted and passed.

Amendment #10

The interpretation is that past-President would be a non-voting position. Motion failed. For some, this amendment poses difficulties.

Amendments #11-13. Passed.




2004 AGM List of Attendees [Not available]

2004 AGM Coordinators Reports [Not available]

Letter Re: Error in Budget Items 2002-2003 AGM [Not available]