Ottawa Outdoor Club

Executive and Other Volunteers

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Role Name E-mail
President Rob Burnfield president at
Vice President Tracey Vansickle vicepresident at
Treasurer position vacant treasurer at
Secretary Alex Neumann secretary at
Membership Secretary Lucie Davidson membership at
Canoeing Coordinator Robert Bultitude canoe at
Cycling Coordinator Alex Neumann cycle at
Hiking Coordinators Robert Bultitude
Aida Hidic
hike at
Skiing Coordinator Robert Bultitude ski at
Snowshoeing Coordinator Alex Neumann snowshoe at
Equipment Officer Tracey Vansickle equipment at
Social Coordinator Jackie Seijo social at
Webmaster Rob Burnfield webmaster at


Other Volunteers

Role Name E-mail
Urban Walks Position vacant walk at
Skating John Young skate at
Individual Trip Leaders Please see the schedule of events
Email Communications (Newsletter) Rob Burnfield news at
Marketing Position vacant marketing at


Postal Address

Please send paper mail to

Ottawa Outdoor Club
PO Box 20003 RPO Nelson
Ottawa ON  K1N 9N5

If you want your mail to be read by a specific person, please include that person's role or name as part of the address.