Ottawa Outdoor Club

The basics of going on an OOC outing


The Club offers both members and non-members day-outings nearly every week, occasional evening outings, and out-of-town outings on many weekends.

Events start at the times and locations shown in the schedule. Register for an activity at the meeting location before the departure time noted for the specific activity.

Check the general requirements by selecting the link for the Activity that you choose, e.g., hiking.

Meet at the specified time and location shown in the schedule. We usually meet at one of these times and locations.  We organize car-pooling when we meet; no prior arrangements are required.  Transportation costs are shared.  Outing completion times, if provided, are estimates only.  If equipment is rented, there are rental fees.  There are non-member activity fees.

For detailed information on costs, what to bring for trips, and what is expected of participants, please refer to the trip registration and responsibilities and trip guidelines pages.

If you have any questions prior to the outing, contact the trip leader.  Unless you have specific questions or unless there is a specific request for an RSVP, you do not need to contact the leader beforehand.

Lyme disease is prevalent in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.  This is particularly important regarding hiking and, to a lesser extent, canoeing.

What to bring


  • snacks, plenty of liquid, and your meal with you. When the activity runs through mealtime (usually lunch), we take a break for the meal.
  • appropriate clothing and other gear:
    • most times, layers are best
    • when the weather's warm, plan for spending time in the water (such as swimming) or relaxing on the shore during (and sometimes after) hiking or canoeing, whether it's stated or not
    • if the forecast calls for rain, rain gear appropriate for the forecast conditions
  • a backpack
  • at night, a headlamp or flashlight

Sign-up sheet

During the gathering time, the leader will ask you to provide information about yourself on our sign-up sheet (PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF document icon for visual understanding).  In particular, you will be asked for your following information:

  • name (mandatory, printed), so we know who you are
  • signature (mandatory), which confirms that you agree with our waiver printed on the form:

"I understand that there can be risks associated with any recreational pursuit and hereby release the Ottawa Outdoor Club and any of its members from all liability and damage sustained by me in connection with this event.  I agree to wear a life jacket or PFD at all times while on the water in a canoe or similar watercraft with the OOC."

  • phone number (if at all possible).  If you have a mobile phone with you, its number is preferred.  Occasionally, we are separated, either during the drive to or from the trailhead or during the outing itself.  Being able to phone you helps a lot.  If you're in a vehicle, please have your phone turned on and with you.  (Occasionally, we've had to phone someone, received no answer, and eventually found out that that person's phone was in their backpack in the trunk.)  Also, we occasionally have to call someone after the outing if, for example, a driver finds a passenger's glove in the car.
  • if you have a car (optional).  This helps the leader plan the carpooling.
  • are you 18 or over? (mandatory)  Participants can be under 18, but they must be with a parent or legal guardian.  (Children come along on some of our outings.)
  • are you an OOC member? (mandatory)  If you're not a member, we'll ask you for the non-member activity fee.  If you become a member within a week, you can reduce your membership fee by this amount.
  • equipment rental fees (filled in by leader).  The OOC has snowshoes and canoe equipment available for rent on OOC outings.  These fees apply to members and non-members 18 an older.
  • emergency contact info (optional, but highly desirable).  We request this in case we need to contact someone on your behalf.