Ottawa Outdoor Club


Coordinator:  Alex Neumann, snowshoe(at)

During the winter months, we usually meet on Sunday mornings for snowshoeing. Many outings are in Gatineau Park and Ottawa's NCC Greenbelt, with others in various locations around the Ottawa-Gatineau region.  In addition, out-of-town multi-day trips are usually scheduled that include one or more of snowshoeing and/or cross-country skiing.

The Club has some snowshoes that may be rented for use during one of the Club's day or weekend excursions. If you're interested in renting a pair of snowshoes, please contact the leader a number of days before the snowshoeing excursion, since not all leaders will have immediate access to the snowshoes. You will have to discuss with the leader if it is possible to obtain the snowshoes.

Depending on the trail (snow) conditions, many outings designated "Snowshoeing" are easier to do without snowshoes and are essentially hikes.  We recommend having crampons available.  Please note that Gatineau Park patrol may require wearing of snowshoes.

Non-members are welcome on our trips; we ask for a small participation fee.

We usually meet at the trailhead.

Information about snowshoeing in Gatineau Park, including the state of the snowshoe trails, is available at the National Capital Commission web site.

For all events, please check the event listings for details, as the meeting day, time, and location can vary. Please register by the departure time shown. Destinations will vary.

A level of difficulty is provided for each snowshoeing trip, using the level that fits the most difficult component:

  • L1: Defined trails, gentle inclines, distances up to 5 km
  • L2: Possible off-trail, steeper inclines, distances up to 10 km
  • L3: Possible off-trail, challenging hills, elevation gains up to 300 m, distances up to 15 km
  • L4: Exceeds L3

Notes about the level definitions:

  • "+" following the level number: a "+" sign after the number indicates that the outing is essentially at the specified level but that it is slightly over the maximum distance defined for the level.  For example, a level 1+ snowshoe outing is essentially a level 1 outing that is just over 5 km.
  • an outing can have a shorter distance with a higher number when one or more other factors apply.  For example, a 5-km outing with off-trail segments would be considered level 2.
  • alternatively, instead of using a single level number, multiple level numbers can be used, e.g., a 4-km outing with off-trail components could be described as "L1 (distance), L2 (off trail)".