Ottawa Outdoor Club

Completion times

Most daytime activities finish between 3:00 PM and 5:30 PM, depending on the distance to be covered, the type of activity, and the driving time to the starting point. Canoeing activities usually finish a little later, sometimes by 7:00 PM or later.  Please check with the leader for the finishing time for a specific trip; it will always be an estimate.

When there are multiple, different activities that depart from the same location at about the same time (usually two different hikes, or one or more hikes and a canoe outing), these activities will finish at different times, sometimes separated by a number of hours. If two or more people arrive together at the meeting location but participate in different activities, it is highly probable either that the earlier returnee(s) will have to wait for the later returnee(s), or the various returnees will have to make separate arrangements for transportation to their destination following the end of the outing. It is generally not possible for the outing leaders to coordinate return times, so please be prepared for a "no" response, should you inquire.