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Information about activities

The Ottawa Outdoor Club offers a range of outdoor activities throughout the year:

A detailed schedule of activities is available.


The Club offers both members and non-members day outings every week and out-of-town outings on many weekends.

Events start at the times and locations shown in the schedule. Register for an activity at the meeting location before the registration time noted for the specific activity.

For information on costs, what to bring for trips, and what is expected of participants, please refer to the trip registration and responsibilities and trip guidelines pages. Transportation costs are shared.


    Lyme disease

    Lyme disease is present in ticks in the Ottawa and Outaouais regions. We strongly urge you to read these guidelines from Ottawa, Ontario, and QuebecIn particular, review the material regarding clothing to wear, insect repellant to use, how to detect and remove ticks, and symptoms of infection.


    Usual meeting locations and starting times

    Different types of outing generally meet in specific places and at specific times.  For instance, when canoeing or hiking, we usually meet at the Sandy Hill Community Centre, but when walking, we usually alternate between the Supreme Court and Dow's Lake Pavilion.  When an activity starts in the morning, we usually meet at 9:30 AM.  Always check the schedule for specific outings, because occasionally meeting times and locations may vary.


    Completion times

    Most daytime activities finish between 3:00 PM and 5:30 PM, depending on the distance to be covered, the type of activity, and the driving time to the starting point. Canoeing activities usually finish a little later, sometimes by 7:00 PM or later.  Please check with the leader for the finishing time for a specific trip; it will always be an estimate.  If you and a friend are in different activities, assume that they will complete at different times.



    The Club has a small number of fees.  Some apply to everyone, and some apply only to non-members.


    Suggest and / or lead an outing

    Is there somewhere you would like to go and you don't see it on the schedule? Suggest it to the appropriate coordinator and consider leading it yourself. Leading a day or evening trip is reasonably easy.


    Types of activities



    Coordinator:  Melodie Mortensen, 613-224-1247, cycle at

    During the spring, summer, and fall, bicycle trips are planned for many Saturdays, leaving in the morning and returning mid- to late afternoon.  Several out-of-town weekend trips are usually planned.  Use of a helmet is mandatory when bicycling with us. Also, we strongly encourage you to carry a spare bicycle tube and repair kit.



    Coordinator: Mike McCurrie, canoe at

    During the late spring and summer, we try to schedule two canoe trips per week: one weekday evening and one day on the weekend, usually Sunday. Daytime and evening trip destinations are many times in Gatineau Park or on the Gatineau River or the various Ottawa waterways.  We are generally back at the Community Centre by about 7:00 PM for day trips and around 11:00 PM for our evening paddles. 



    Coordinator: Robert Bultitude, hike at

    From March or April to November or December, we plan to meet every Sunday morning.  Most hikes are in Gatineau Park. During warmer weather, many times we plan a stop for a swim. We strongly recommend wearing hiking boots, hiking shoes, or running shoes.



    Coordinator: John Young, 613-232-9143, skate at

    This is a casual skate of a few kilometres along the Rideau Canal on Friday evenings when the Rideau Canal Skateway is open.  On the canal, you can recognize the leader by his distinctive red and black "Canada" toque.  After the skate is over, we refortify ourselves at a local establishment.



    Coordinator: Paul Gallagher, 613-882-5446, ski at

    With snow on the ground, we generally meet on Sunday mornings for skiing.  With the region's superb set of cross-country ski trails, most of the skiing that we do is cross-country, with some downhill skiing.  Cross-country ski destinations are usually in Gatineau Park, the NCC Greenbelt, and other trails in the Ottawa area, such as the Sir John A. Macdonald (SJAM) trail along the Ottawa River.



    Coordinator:  Emily Galvao, 902-599-4549, snowshoe at

    During the winter months, we meet on Saturday mornings for snowshoeing. Many outings are in Gatineau Park, with others in various locations around the Ottawa-Gatineau region.  In addition, several out-of-town weekend trips are scheduled that include one or more of snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and/or downhill skiing.



    Coordinator: Carol H., walk at

    For casual hikers, this Level 0.5 walk is a great way to stretch your legs for 1 - 1½ hours each week. Our Thursday-evening get-togethers provide a friendly way to meet Club members in an informal setting. Our destination may include the Arboretum or Hogs Back Falls—the destination varies with whimsy and the weather—but we always wind up at a pub or eatery by the end of the evening for a late dinner and some friendly conversation.

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