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Club website user ID info

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Each Club member has a user ID on our website.  You see your user ID info after you log in.  If you're a Club member and you don't have a user ID, please contact the webmaster (webmaster at

Please note that your user ID information page shows Member since and a duration.  This is how long you've had a user ID on our website; it's not how long you've been a member of the OOC.

Your user ID gives you access to access to the Club discussion forums (bulletin board).  Click on the Forums button that is near the top right of all but the home and schedule pages; this button is visible only when you are logged in.

You can use the forums to arrange for car-pooling for social events, such as our end-of-summer BBQ.  (When it's near, there will be an entry in the schedule and the newsletter).  (For our regular outdoor events, we arrange car-pooling at the meeting / departure point—usually the Sandy Hill Community Centre—so please don't use the forums for these.)

As we approach the AGM, which is usually in October of every year, you can use the forums to have discussions about possible amendments to the Club's constitution and bylaws.

You can also use the forums for other Club-related discussions.  If you have any questions about their usage, please post an entry in the forums or contact the webmaster.

(If you're on Facebook, we invite you to join our Facebook group.)