2013 AGM - Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The following documents related to the 2013 AGM are available:

Agenda - 2013 AGM

  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes of 2012 AGM
  3. President’s Report
  4. Vice-president’s commentary
  5. Coordinators’ Reports
    • Canoeing
    • Cycling
    • Hiking
    • Skiing
    • Social
    • Snowshoeing
  6. Equipment Officer’s Report
  7. Membership Secretary’s Report
  8. Webmaster’s report
  9. Treasurer’s Report
  10. 2013-2014 Budget
  11. Election of OOC Executive


  1. Amendments to the OOC Constitution and Bylaws
  2. End of Meeting

President's Report: Jim Fraser - 2013 AGM

I’d like to thank everyone for showing up for this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Ottawa Outdoor Club.  We have had a year full of activities, and are looking forward to another year of many trips for our regular outdoor and social activities.  I’d also like to thank the activity coordinators for organizing, and often leading, trips of many kinds to many places.  I’m sure that most if not all who participated in these trips enjoyed the activities, and the social aspects that go with doing things as a group.

If you are interested in what is involved in leading a trip, talk with some of the leaders, with one of the coordinators, or with anyone on the executive.  Certainly, we’ll be interested in having you as a leader; but we can also give some tips and insights on why people leader, and what leaders do.

We chose to provide more training for our trip leaders this past year (a Wilderness First Aid course), and are looking to do even more in the next year, as will be outlined in the Treasurer’s Report and the proposed budget for next year.

We looked at new ways to advertise the club, such as going to the Ottawa Ski and Snowboard Show last October, and are planning to do this again on October 26 and 27, plus have a booth at Mountain Equipment Coop’s Snowfest day on Saturday, November 23.  Both of these events will need volunteers to attend, to greet people who pass by our booth, and to provide information on the activities we offer throughout the year, not just in the winter.  We will also advertise our Winter Information Night in the local media.

We have printed up business cards with a quick list of our activities and our web site URL.  If you would like to hand out some of these, or post them on bulletin boards at work and in local shops, with the owners’ permission, please tell us.

I don’t want to steal any news from our coordinators, so I’ll let them each present their reports.  I’ll speak for some of the coordinators who are not here this evening.

Jim F.

Treasurer's Report: Mary Hicks - 2013 AGM

Our revenues for the year were very close to the budgeted amount of $9600.00 at an actual amount of $9660.00.

Our expenditures were under-budget with a total of $8805.00.  Individual budget areas varied from the budgeted amounts as shown on the attached financial statement.

One great variation was that the Club Executive made a decision to sponsor Wilderness First Aid training for 6 club members who frequently lead trips, as a valuable investment in the development of leaders in our club.  Funds for this were authorized as an addition to the budget from reserve funds.

Another large discrepancy with the projected budget was that the online membership and payment project was not invoiced for this year.  The same amount was projected into the 2014 budget.  Because of this, we did not actually have to draw on reserve funds in this budget year.

Online payments for membership and day trip fees have streamlined our deposits, beginning at the end of April 2013.  This year 52 members paid membership fees using PayPal since April.  It is anticipated that more members will use PayPal in the coming year, so the projected revenue has been decreased accordingly.

The projected 2014 budget was set as shown with changes to reflect amounts where we varied from the 2013 budget. 

Of note is that the executive recommends we budget $3000.00 for training and development to be funded from reserve funds for the coming year.  It has been several years since we have conducted leadership training, and it has been noted by several co-ordinators that it is difficult now to find trip leaders.  Hopefully an investment in training will help members feel more confident to take on these roles.

Our reserve fund as of September 30, 2013 was $14,753.39.  Funds for training would have us needing to draw $2875.00 from this fund for the 2014 budget year.

It has been my pleasure to serve as treasurer this year.  I have learned much and will again let my name stand for treasurer.

Activity Report: Canoeing Co-ordinator, Mark Glaisher - 2013 AGM

The canoe season got off to a slow start due to poor weather at the beginning of the year. Thunderstorms and high winds meant a number of trips were canceled for safety reasons.

 The activities on offer were also reduced due to your coordinator suffering a back injury which meant I was unable to lead trips this summer.

The canoe program continues to suffer from a lack of volunteer leaders. This year just one volunteer came forward to lead trips. A big thanks to Mike McCurrie for keeping the program going during my injury.

Changes to ownership of land on the Gatineau River, and availability of public boat launches in Wakefield, has made running early & late season evening canoe trips problematic. Most Wednesday outings were done on Meech Lake.

There were a total of 25 outings which included 4 weekend camping trips which enjoyed full attendance.

We also offered a canoe skills training day, which was unfortunately not of interest to the membership and was hence canceled.

I have decided to step down as coordinator because the lack of volunteers puts too much responsibility on the role to run all trips for the club. Without volunteer leaders there cannot be an effective canoe program.

Activity Report: Cycling Co-ordinator, Sue Andrews - 2013 AGM

This year the bicycle season lasted from May to mid October.

These were Saturday cycles using bike paths in the Ottawa/Gatineau area.  Some involved car pooling with bike racks, driving to a different location in or outside of Ottawa, and biking on country roads.  There were also day trips to Merrickville, Brockville and Ingleside.

The trips were level one and two and averaged around six participants.

These bike rides could not have happened without the eleven people who volunteered to lead one or several trips.  I am especially grateful that they shared their diverse personal knowledge of biking options.

Activity Report: Hiking Co-ordinator, Eddie Drueding - 2013 AGM

This year to date has seen 40 day hikes totaling approximately 370 km.  There were 3 multi-day hiking trips led by Jim Fraser, Mary-Anne Olivares, and Margaret McKay.  We would like to thank Margaret for organizing the popular trip to Stowe, Vermont for the third consecutive year.  This year a potential record of 40 people visited the Round Hearth Lodge for Thanksgiving.

Eddie celebrated leading his 150th hike on May 2 with a 3-hour bushwhack in the Meech Lake valley.

Alain Leury led 3 popular day trips that combined hiking with photography instruction.

Next year the hiking program looks forward to exploring the Almonte Burnt Lands alvar and searching for fossils and rare plants and butterflies.

Activity Report: Skiing Co-ordinator, Mary-Anne Olivares - 2013 AGM

The 2012/13 winter ski program had a slow start until it began with a bang on December 21 with a snowfall of 34 cm which kick-started the season.  Unfortunately, the large amount of heavy wet snow caused extensive damage to many trees and it took the better part of the ski season for Gatineau Park to clear the majority of trails of tree branches and debris.  Then, in mid January the winter thaw and rain set in resulting in cancellation of the regular day ski and the first introduction to ski offering on January 13.

There were a total of 18 day ski outings which included the second offering of Intro to Skiing on January 20, 4 combined moonlight snowshoe/ski pot lucks and 4 weekend trips:  Val David, Algonquin Park Winter Camping, Tremblant and Harris Farm.  All events were well attended.  There were a couple of unfortunate injuries which occurred during the season, however, assistance was provided and help sought for the injured.  Everyone survived!  Thank you to all those who assisted.

I wish to thank all those who volunteered to lead a ski outing last season, and a special thanks to those who lead the moonlight skiis:  Greg Griffiths and Hayley Price, and the weekend trips:  Xuan Qi, Helen Apouchtine and John Galbraith.

I look forward to the upcoming ski season.  Again, my goal is to provide two ski offerings every Sunday and will be counting on all the skiers in OOC to make the program a success!

Activity Report: Snowshoeing Co-ordinator, Mike Brown - 2013 AGM

The 2012-2013 snowshoe season got off to a start before there was even snow – on 15 December. By the next week there was almost too much, after the storm of 21 December.

While a welcome start to the season, this snowfall unfortunately caused the season long closure of major snowshoeing trails in Gatineau Park – including the Wolf Trail and shorter closures of other trails.

We were able to offer regular Saturday outings every weekend from mid-December to 23 March, with participation ranging from 3 to over 30 in several cases. As well, there were monthly “full moon” trips - usually in conjunction with skiers if snow conditions allowed – each month from December to March.

There were several special weekend trips as well – Val David and Harris Lodge Farm (again with the skiers) and the Algonquin Eco-Lodge just outside Maynooth. All events had a full complement of participants. It was our first trip to the Eco-lodge since it was taken over by new management and re-named, and there was a strong interest by participants in returning again next season. This area boasts good skiing and dog-sledding as well as snowshoeing.

I would like to thank all those who volunteered to lead a trip, with special thanks to those who organized a weekend trip. Without volunteers none of this would be possible.

I am looking forward to the up-coming season, and am willing to serve another year as coordinator.

OOC Snowshoe Inventory Oct 2013

We have eight pairs of snowshoes. Unfortunately, three are damaged to some extent

  1. OHOC A1 medium, blue Atlas brand with a soft vinyl bed, missing front toe crampons (both feet), fair condition, these ones are tied together with a cable tie and were not used in the 2013 season
  2. OHOC A2 like A1 above, but in good condition with crampons
  3. OHOC A3 like A2 above, but one foot has a broken crampon (broken in the 2013 season)
  4. OHOC A4 very large, blue Atlas brand with a soft vinyl bed, binding on one foot was broken this year (2013 season). The binding is not currently functional, but could potentially be replaced (?)
  5. Unlabeled Yura brand, large good condition, with a hard nylon bed
  6. Unlabeled Black Atlas “825” brand, medium/small in good condition with nylon bed
  7. OHOC C1 Snow Mountain – large in good condition, soft plastic bed, with a modernish binding
  8. OHOC C2 -same as C1 above, these two are the best of the lot

These snowshoes are currently in my (MHB) basement, and I am willing to keep them as long as I am snowshoe coordinator.

Activity Report: Social Co-ordinator, Anna Gopenko - 2013 AGM

This year I still tried to figure out the reason for low attendance and lack of interest for social activities. I came up with a few ideas:

  1. Activities likes dances (with the exception of social dances, like the traditional Irish dance) are not popular.
  2. Belly dancing, karaoke bar, softball, piano bar are not interesting enough.
  3. Movies are only interesting in conjunction with a restaurant, but the event was a big success.

Therefore, the decision was taken to continue with the last activity, and also try out a social event that would involve people from other outdoor or sport clubs to spark the mingling fun and to add diversity to the human contingent. Instead of the ballroom and Latin dances I would like to try out a contra-dance in the next year.

I am very grateful to the OOC members who offered their ideas and made an effort to organize an event of their own, Theresa M., Tony W., Mary-Lynn S. and some others.

Equipment Report: Equipment Officer, Kevin Marshall Laflèche - 2013 AGM

Inventory as of 20 October 2013

  Number 2011 Oct 2012 Oct 2013 Oct
Canoes and Canoe Equipment
Canoes 10 10 10 10
Canoe racks 2 2 2 2
Boat bumper   1 0 1
Paddles (mostly wood)        
Extra long (red) 4 4 4 4
Long (blue) 11 10 10 9
Medium (green) 16 16 16 16
Yellow 5 5 5 5
Short (White) 2 2 2 2
Extra short (red & white) 2 2 2 2
Yokes   5 5 5
Throw bags with flashlight in box 8 7 8 8
Regular ropes with flashlight in box     2 2
Large throw bags 2 2 1 1
Misc. length ropes 19 19 18 17
Misc. Canoe Shed Items        
Misc. bailers 22 11 10 8
Canoe equipment bags 8 8 8 13
Power cord 1 1 1 1
Multi pronged power outlet 1 1 1 1
Floating safety rope 1 1 1 1
bag of AA batteries 1 1 1 1
Food barrel 1 0 1 1
Flashlights (regular) 3 5 5 4
Flashlights (wind-up) 7 1 1 1
Backpack (large-red/black colour) 1 1 1 1
Canoe transport foam cushions (Large) 47 5 5 2
Canoe transport foam cushions (Small)   44 44 47
Canoe knee pads     2 2
Tarps (Green and Blue) 1 5 4 4
Carry Bags (mesh and dry)   6 6 7
Work light for canoe shed     2 2
Bowl of Carabeners     1 1
Padlocks     4 4
Bag of Ropes     1 1
Sanitizing kit     1 1
Canoe seats     3 3
Whistles       24
Life Jackets        
Fluid brand- Extra large 3 3 3 3
Fluid brand- Medium 5 5 5 5
Fluid brand- Small 7 7 6 6
Endurance- Large 1 1 1 1
Endurance- Medium 3 3 3 3
Endurance- Small 1 1 1 1
Buoy-o-buoy jackets-adults 6 6 4 4
Buoy-o-buoy jackets-youth 1 1 0 0
Buoy-o-buoy life preservers (ties around neck) 3 3 3 3
Buoy-o-buoy jackets-small     3 3
Mustang Jacket - youth 1 1 1 1
Stearns- Medium 1 1 1 1
Keep a float(brand)-Medium 1 1 1 1
Trekk Marine -XXL 1 1 1 1
ExtraSport-XL     1 1
Canoe Accessories        
Canoe Tie Down straps 29 24 26 26
Canoe - top straps 14 14 19 19
Misc. and cleaning supplies
Rake 1 1 0 0
Broom 1 1 0 0
Push broom 1 1 0 0
Bag of garden mulch 1 0 0 0
Equipment Room Inside the Hostel
Walkie-talkies( should be 5 total)-- 2 Cobra Brand missing 3 3 3 3
Walkie talkie charger -Missing 0 0 0 0
First Aid Kits- (should be 5 total)--2 missing 3 4.5 3 3
Water filter kits 2 2 2 1
BBQ Grill- missing 0 0 0 0
Projector screen 1 1 0 0
Tripod 1 1 0 0
Wax kit 1 1 1 1
Small Bicycle panniers 2 0 0 0
Bicycle racks- 1 missing 3 0 0 0
Bicyle pump 1 1 0 0
Laundry basket     2 2
Camping Equipment
Foamy mattress 1 1 1 1
Therma -rest chair support- ( to attach to a mattress) 1 0 0 0
Plastic water jugs 2 0 0 0
Pots- 4 missing 1 1 1 1
Pans- 1 missing 1 2 2 2
Ladel-1 missing 0 1 1 1
Spatulas- 2 missing 0 2 2 2
Spoon (strainer)   1 1 1
Kitchen hand mop   1 1 0
Pot holder   2 1 1
Canoe Roof rack (pair)     1 1
Canoe DVD     1 1
Plastic pair- Small 3 0 0 0
Wooden pairs-small (more like medium) 3 0 3 2
Wooden pairs-large 3 3 2 2
Metal pair 1 1 1 1
Plastic Pair- Large 3 0 0 0
Tubbs pair- Small 4 4 4 4
Tubbs pair- Large 1 1 1 0
Atlas pair-Small 4 4 4 4
Atlas -Large 1 1 1 1
Snow & Mountain pair- Large 3 2 2 2
Yuba pair-large 1 1 1 1
Skis (pairs) and poles
Fischer- no binding 1 0   0
SNS binding type 2 0   0
NNN binding type 3 0   0
Fischer- skate ski-partially delaminated 1 0   0
Salomon binding Elan 1 0   0
3-pin binding style 12 0   0
Ski poles (pairs) 14 0   0
Walking poles 3 0   0
Ski boots        
Alpina brand XL 1 0   0
Rossignol-L 1 0   0
Saloman 411- L 1 0   0
Adidas -size 11-3 pin 1 0   0
Northstar- XS-3 pin 1 0   0
Fels- Size 8 1 0   0
Telemark-M -3 pin 1 0   0
Size 42 no -name 1 0   0
Size 40-no-name 1 0   0
No-name -blue-approx size 5 1 0   0
No-name -blue-approx size 5 1 0   0
Skilom-Large- 3 pin 1 0   0
Skates- figure- white 1 0 0 0
Administrative items
Stencil set   1 0 0
Locker (5x4x2)   1 1 1
3-Drawer plastic shelving unit   1 1 1
Bins   3 3 3

Website & Newsletter Report: Webmaster & Newsletter Editor, Rob Burnfield - 2013 AGM

The roles of webmaster and newsletter editor are complementary roles, since each, at its core, is responsible for letting Club members and others know what is happening with the Club. These roles also require working with most of the members of the executive and other Club members to communicate their information to both the Club membership and the world.  I enjoy these roles, since one of their many benefits is that they help keep me in touch with many of the Club members.


This past year, the following enhancements were made to the website:

  • Online membership registration has been available since May.  Since then, there was a steady stream of membership registrations that tapered off during the fall as the new membership year drew closer.  It is now much faster and easier for people to register and pay for their memberships.  Hopefully, this has encouraged more people to become members.

I had the pleasure of working closely at times with Ken Zimmerman, our membership secretary, in the lead-up to the introduction of the online membership registration.  Ken and other members of the executive provided many useful comments that hopefully made the online membership registration process easier to use for all.

  • Since September of 2012, it has been possible for day trip leaders to forward various fee payments to the treasurer by PayPal, saving them and the treasurer time.  In December 2012 or January 2013, after a trial period, this was publicized to trip leaders and is now included in the information on the back of the sign-up forms.
  • The text on the home page, schedule page, and activity description page was updated based on comments from Club participants to hopefully better describe the Club and to place useful information where it might be most seen.
  • The number of unique visitors to the website has increased over the past year compared to the year before, as shown in the following graph.  (For a few months in the spring of 2012, data was not collected.  The month data for October 2013 is not yet available.)

Graph of visitors over past two years


The newsletter is sent weekly, with every attempt made to ensure all of the week’s activities are covered.  Sometimes, unfortunately, due to time constraints, this has not always happened.

I try to have the newsletter cover the basics of the outdoor activities that will be happening each week, along with any Club announcements, upcoming social activities, and weekend trips.  As time permits, information and photos about past activities are included.

Both a draft and a final version of the newsletter are created.  The draft is sent to anyone mentioned in the newsletter, along with all executive members, for approval and changes.  The final version is sent the next day to all Club members.  This process has worked well, since it provides for feedback from many people.

Proposed Amendments to Constitution & Bylaws - 2013 AGM

The following amendments to the Club Constitution and Bylaws are proposed for 2013:

Leaders of Multi-day Trips of 10+ Go Free

From John Galbraith:

ADD in Article 6 - Trips and Use of Equipment / Section 1 - Conduct of Trips

(d) The trip leader of a multi-day trip of 10 participants or more (including himself / herself) is entitled to attend the trip at no charge. All of the normal per-participant costs for the trip leader (including transportation) shall be absorbed by the rest of the trippers.


This is a small way of thanking a weekend trip leader who organizes a large group and who spends much of the week preparing and then working on the trip to ensure that it runs. It does not constitute paying the leader, because the leader is still volunteering all of his / her time. The leader is simply not being charged. This formula will raise the cost of the trip by perhaps 5% but never more than 10% to the other participants.

0% BAC for Drivers of OOC Activities

From Jim Burgess:          

ADD in Article 1 - Members / Section 7 – Responsibility of Members

All members who drive and provide a ride for participants on any and all OOC events and trips shall be sober (0% blood level of alcohol).


Every member should be entitled to a sober driver, just as when they take public transportation.  If this rule applies to these highly-skilled professional drivers, it surely should apply to amateur drivers who are often tired after an activity.

Insurance agents have advised us that the home owner is responsible if a car accident occurs after the driver has been drinking at the home of the host for a OOC social event.  This is a risk that none of us can afford to take.

Change Amending Formula

From Leo Kerner:

I wish to submit a Motion to Amend Article 5 of the Club Constitution, entitled Amending formula.

I note that a current version of this article is not available, as the changes approved in the 2012 AGM are not reflected in the Constitution published in the Club website or otherwise distributed to the membership. Note that parts of Article 5 might have been moved in 2012 to Bylaw Article 2 Section 1(a).


To allow the membership, prior to an AGM or SGM [Special General Meeting], to offer amendments to Motions to Amend the Constitution submitted by the executive or a member, as no time window is currently provided in the case of member Motions.

MOTION:  The first paragraph of Article 5 or Bylaw Article 2 Section 1(a) as the case may be, as Amended by the 2012 AGM currently reading

"The date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be announced not less than five weeks prior to that event. Not less than four weeks prior to the AGM, the Executive shall distribute to the membership, via email, any proposed motions to amend the Constitution and/or Bylaws for the AGM along with a call for submissions from the membership for additional motions or amendments to the proposed motions. This submission period shall last for ten days only, and no other submissions will be accepted from the membership thereafter. The time and location of the AGM must be announced to the membership not less than two weeks prior to the event, along with the final version of all motions and amendments to be presented at the AGM in their final wording, as well as a statement clearly indicating the intent to amend the Constitution and/or Bylaws at that meeting. The agenda for the meeting shall include:"

is amended to read (suggested changes are underlined):

"The date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be announced by means of a special email not less than five weeks prior to that event. At this time, the Executive shall distribute to the membership a call for submissions of additional motions to amend the Constitution. This submission period shall last for ten days only, and the Motions of members and those of the Executive shall be distributed to the membership. In the next ten days, members can submit amendments to the Motions offered by the executive and the members but can offer no unrelated motions. The time and location of the AGM must be announced to the membership not less than ten days prior to the event, along with the final version of all motions and amendments to be presented at the AGM in their final wording, as well as a statement clearly indicating the intent to amend the Constitution and/or Bylaws at that meeting. The agenda for the meeting shall include:"

Limit Disciplinary Authority Of Executive

From Leo Kerner:

This is to submit a Motion to amend Bylaw Article 1, Section 1(b), modified in the 2012 AGM to grant Authority of the Executive to Discipline Members for Lesser Infractions of Safety or Civility, in Lieu of any Signed Petition.


The authority granted to the executive is too vague and establishes no bounds, even though it is meant for lesser infractions of safety or civility.  This proposed Amendment limits that authority both in the severity of the disciplinary action and its timespan.

MOTION: The last paragraph of Bylaw Article 1, Section 1(b) which currently reads

This in no way limits the Executive from addressing lesser transgressions of safety or civility which have been reasonably proven

is amended to read:

The executive can discipline members for lesser transgressions of safety or civility which have been reasonably proven.  Such action requires affirmative vote of a majority of the voting members of the executive, is limited to warning, reprimand, suspension of selected activities or access to equipment.  It shall not extend for more than one month and cannot be renewed.

Send Separate Email About AGM

From Leo Kerner:


In order to make clear that an AGM has been called, I propose that members be informed by a special communication via email, in addition to the inclusion in the weekly newsletter.

MOTION:  Article 4 of the OOC Constitution currently reading

Executive meetings shall be held in Ottawa or vicinity, as directed in the By-laws, not less than once in every three-month period.  The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of October each year.

is amended to read (suggested changes are underlined):

Executive meetings shall be held in Ottawa or vicinity, as directed in the By-laws, not less than once in every three-month period.  The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of October each year.  The Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meeting shall be communicated to members by means of a special email in addition to any inclusion by other means.  The subject line of the email shall contain the term AGM.

Promptly Disseminate Results Of AGM

From Leo Kerner:


To assure prompt dissemination of constitutional amendments and other decisions of the AGM.

MOTION:  The following text is added between the fourth and fifth paragraphs of Article 4.

The Secretary, within 30 days of an AGM or Special General Meeting, will distribute to the membership by email the text of all decision taken at such meeting.  Within the same timeframe, the Secretary will update the text of the Constitution available in the club's website.  The Executive may authorize an extension of an additional 30 days, but no more.

Ensure The Authority Of The AGM

From Leo Kerner:


To ensure the authority of the AGM.

MOTION:  The last paragraph of article 4, currently reading

Appendices may be added or amended by Executive resolution, and must be presented for approval at the following AGM or Special General Meeting as described above.  Any appendix not approved by such meeting will revert to its previous text

is amended to read (suggested changes are underlined):         

Appendices may be added or amended by Executive resolution, and must be presented for approval at the following AGM or Special General Meeting as described above. Any appendix not approved by such meeting will revert to its previous text or to such text as the AGM or SGM might decide, and the Executive cannot add or amend the appendices on the same or related matter.  The approval or amendment of Appendices by the executive will be communicated to the membership by email within 15 days, and it will not be binding till such communication occurs.

Minutes - 2013 AGM

Date & Venue: 23rd October 2013 at SHCC

Present: 29 members, including outgoing executives





Deadline / Responsible


2012 AGM minutes

The minutes of last year’s AGM was approved by Navid Foroudi and seconded by Susan Andrews.



Whether the new exec in AGM 2012 was elected or claimed to be added to the minutes

Yes Immed./ Shahram Lotfi

Jim Fraser to send Rob Burnfield all reports from coordinators to post on OOC web site

Yes 11.31.13/ Jim Fraser


President’s report

No action. Report can be accessed by members on the new website.


NA / Jim Fraser

Availability of other reports to all members was requested. It is a valid request, however the means (posted online, e.mail, etc.) to provide members with such reports to be discussed by new executives. Yes Next Meeting/ Exec.



Activity Reports



  • Comments: Paula Tozer commented that the efforts of Mark Glaisher to be acknowledge / recognized.


Next Meeting/ Exec.

  • More difficult hikes are not held as often (Anna Gopenko). The issue was discussed and suggestion was given that in newsletter request to be made to invite more hiking coordinators. John Galbraith suggested leaving the topic due to the absence of hiking coordinator.
Yes Next Meeting/ Exec.
  • Anna G. also suggests that the names on the sign-up sheet of activities to be read aloud before the activity starts to ensure all participants have filled out the sign-up form.
Yes Next Meeting/ Exec.
  • John G. asked if a trip leader needs snowshoes how they will be provided. Mike Brown offers that he brings them to activity leader’s place or the assembly location at SHCC.


Inventory list
  • John G. suggests to put the list of the equipment inventory on the web site. No action yet, to be discussed at next exec meeting


  • 212 members this year compared to 203 last year.


Web master
  • Navid suggests that web master position be added to exec positions. To be suggested as an amendment at next year’s AGM
Yes AGM2014/ Exec.
  • The budget overview to be accessible to all members as suggested by John Galbraith. Jim Fraser suggests that the decision on how to send it out to be taken by new executives.
Yes Next Meeting/ Exec.
Jim Burgess suggests that the finance report be sent to all members a week or two ahead of next AGM. Yes Next Meeting/ Exec.
4 Club finance Motion to approve the suggested 3000 $ for training: Rob Burnfield moved and Leo Kerner seconded. Passed by participants vote.   No
5 New Executives Election Following new executives were elected:    
  • President: Jean-Francois Lauzon
  • VP: No nominations ► John Galbraith was suggested by Navid Foroudi
  • Treasurer: Mary Hicks
  • Membership secretary: Ken Zimmerman
  • Executive secretary: Shahram Lotfi
  • Equipment coordinator: No nomination ► Tracey Vansickle was suggested
  • Hiking coordinator: Eddie Drueding
  • Cycling coordinator: Sue Andrews
  • Canoeing coordinator: No nominations ► Navid Foroudi was suggested
  • Skiing coordinator: Mary-Anne Olivares
  • Snowshoeing coordinator Mike Brown
  • Social coordinator: Anna Gopenko


Constitution amendment

  • Motion 1: moved John Galbraith by, seconded by Susan Andrews ► voted by majority.
  • Motion 2: moved by Jim Burgess, seconded by Carolyn Glover ► For:11; Against: 8; Abstention:4
  • Motion 3: moved by Leo Kerner, seconded by Lorraine England ► For:8; Against:11; Abstention:3
  • Motion 4: moved by Leo Kerner, seconded by Tracey Vansickle ► Rejected by majority
  • Motion 5: moved by Leo Kerner, seconded by Tracey Vansickle ► Rejected by majority
  • Motion 6: moved by Leo Kerner, seconded by Navid Foroudi ► For:7; Against:11; Abstention:3
  • Motion 7: moved by Leo Kerner, seconded by Tracey Vansickle ► For:4; Against:15
8 Meeting adjourned at 10:00 PM by outgoing president Jim Fraser