Equipment Report: Equipment Officer, Judy Smith- 2018 AGM

An updated equipment inventory was completed August 2018.

Some of the activities of the Club require participants to have their own equipment (i.e., biking, XC skiing) or do not require specific equipment (i.e., hiking).  The majority of OOC inventory is related to the snowshoe and canoeing programs.

The canoes and associated equipment are currently stored on rented private property north of Ottawa. This location has provided the OOC the opportunity to conveniently access nearby waterways, in particular, Meech Lake and the Gatineau River on weekends and Wednesday-night paddles.

There are now 8 canoes in inventory. Canoe #7 is not operational as a result of a leak. Proposed repairs are to happen in Spring 2019. Canoe #9 has been removed from inventory as a result of an accident, with damages beyond repair (Sep 2018).  At this time, the executive has decided not to replace canoe #9 but will collect the approximate replacement costs of $1200 from the trip participants.

There is now a plethora of snowshoes in inventory with the recent transfer of a storage cabinet and multiple pairs of snowshoes, thanks to Kevin Marshall Laflêche, former OOC Equipment Officer. With this acquisition, there is no requirement for the Club to purchase additional snowshoes for the upcoming season.

Storage Facility
With an interest of trying to centralize the assets of the OOC, the executive has been looking to secure accessible storage within the city to accommodate the snowshoes, canoes and equipment, and associated miscellaneous items (chairs, tents, etc). The Canoe Coordinator has been sourcing a number of possible locations and, in consultation with the executive, has determined that one cost-effective relocation option would be the NCC property at Woodroffe and Hunt Club across from the Nepean Sportsplex. To date, no decision has been made, and we are still in exploratory mode. A location in the city would allow for a variety of accessible waterways for the Wednesday-night paddles, including put-ins at Black’s Rapids, Shirley’s Bay, Mooney’s Bay, Lac Leamy (Gatineau River), etc. With a shift to a larger multi-sport storage facility, I would propose a return to the prior equipment sign-in/sign-out system for greater accountability.

Judy Smith
Equipment Coordinator
October 2018