Activity Report: Skiing, Rob Burnfield, On Behalf of the Co-ordinator - 2018 AGM

We had an active cross-country skiing program this year, with twelve daytime outings planned, two of which were cancelled due to forecasts of warm weather and rain.

I want to thank Xuan Qi for leading, for the third year in a row, the weekend trip to Val David in the Laurentians.

I also want to thank Paul Gallagher, along with Lisa Hartman, for organizing and leading the very successful set of cross-country ski lessons.  They srtated with a classroom session in mid-December and then ran three on-the-tracks sessions on Saturdays somewhat early in the season.  The classroom session had over 30 people, and the outdoor sessions each had about 10 people.

With winter soon upon us, I look forward to (hope for?) many days of perfect cross-country ski conditions in Gatineau Park and surrounding areas.