Ottawa Outdoor Club

Our logo through the years

Our range of activities spans all of the seasons, and our logo designs have reflected different aspects of this.

2001 - The first logo, reflecting our activities

Our first logo design was chosen in the spring of 2001 in response to an invitation sent to Club members. It focused on the range of activities that the Club offers.  What activities can you see?  (Until 2011, we were called the Ottawa Hostel Outdoor Club - OHOC.)

The 2001 version of the OHOC logo - the first logo

2011 - The second logo, reflecting the seasons of our activities

In 2011, after we were no longer based at the Ottawa Hostel, we chose another logo design, this time focused on the fact that we offer activities across all of the four seasons.

OOC logo with Club name as part of logo   OOC logo with Club name as part of logo

2019/2020 - Enhanced logo design

In 2019/2020, we invited submissions for an enhanced, higher-resolution design based on the concept of the existing logo - the four seasons that we could use on T-shirts, caps, posters, etc..  Of numerous submissions provided by one designer, we chose these designs, all incorporating the same images representing the four seasons.

Logo with curved text and symbolsBlock logo

Horizontal and framed